Portfolio Surveys

We have worked for a number of client bodies primarily within the social housing field including Notting Hill Housing Association, Pathmeads Housing Association, Genesis, Safe Haven and Mears Housing Management and provided a tailored inspection, specification and sign off service to help bring properties back up to an acceptable standard. We provide an independent assessment of the condition and also required works; this helps with internal auditing in that the works have been specified and checked by a Chartered Building Surveyor.

In addition, we have undertaken large estate maintenance inspections of properties in the Midlands and in the South East of England prior to acquisition of the portfolios to provide the client with an estimation of likely ongoing costs in respect of repair and maintenance liabilities.

MHA are happy to work with other associated practices in order to provide skilled and experienced resource to compete for large portfolio surveys. To this end we have undertaken condition surveys on large portfolios of licensed premises to enable the owner to package up properties to either retain or dispose of.

Related Projects

Mears Housing Management, a division of one of the largest contracting / facilities management companies in the country, contacted MHA to undertake a planned maintenance inspection of a portfolio of buildings across the East Midlands

Fusion Building Consultancy based in Birmingham secured a commission to undertake a detailed inspection of a large number of public houses to allow the Board of the commissioning company to ascertain future property spend / disposal