Aldi UK

Aldi Distribution Warehouse, nr Manchester

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Client Brief

Malcolm was approached by Harris Keane who, representing their Client ALDI UK, needed an assessment of potential future dilapidations liabilities on their two distribution warehouses located on an industrial estate north of Manchester. In addition we were to provide an assessment of likely planned maintenance costs for the buildings going forward if ALDI decided to extend their leases in the premises.

Key Issues

  • Assessment of Dilapidations Claim
  • Assessment of the Planned Maintenance Charges
  • Fast Turnaround

What We Did

We attended site and over two days completed the survey of the main buildings comprising over 290,000 sqft as well as the yards & external areas, which are well over 2 hectares. Following completion of the assessment we produced a costed outline report; however, in view of the nature of dilapidations there were a number of items uncovered which were likely to be subject to negotiation. These items were highlighted and presented as a shopping list so the Board had full transparency of likely costs and liabilities.

“Malcolm responded quickly to the task in hand and provided a succinct and informative document for consideration by the Client.”
Steve Harris Director
Harris Keane

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